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The Local's first newsletter of 2022 is jam-packed with pictures from all of the latest happenings, as well as bargaining updates on all of our contracts with WTTW, CBS and WGN-TV / NewsNation.

Additionally, there is a new bylaw proposal which can be read in its entirety on Page 14.

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The analysis below shows an actual savings of $87.50 per year if there is no OT worked. 68.10 hours of overtime, or a little over 1 hour per week of OT would need to be worked to pay the same amount you are paying currently.

Our next upcoming general membership meeting will be held on:

>Thursday, September 8th.


Executive Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month.

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Dues Calculators

Q: Will my dues double?

A: No. In some cases, dues will go down depending on earnings.

Q: Will my raise be wiped out?

A: Definitely not. If you got a $2,000 raise at 2%, the dues charged on that raise would only be $30 for the year @1.5%.

Download our dues calculators to help guide you through the new Bylaw proposal that is looking the restructure the current dues. This will allow the Local to survive the next rounds of bargaining with CBS, FOX Sports, WGN/Nexstar, and WTTW which will be coming up in the next 2 years.

Just click on the highlighted yellow "Hourly" wage field (B8) and enter you hourly rate of pay.

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