To All "A" Agreement Freelancers (corporate, ballroom, etc.):

There is a long standing rumor out there that if a camera is not in the video system, then the switching is not our work. This is 100% false. This was a rumor started by IATSE to take your work. I will be contacting ALL contractors  to clarify. If it's a switcher, it's ours.

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Executive Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month.

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To all CBS and Fox Sports Members,

     IATSE went on strike against the Golf Channel on January 13, 2018.  As you may know, the Golf Channel is owned by Comcast NBCU.  The collective bargaining agreement expired last June 2017.   
     Many IBEW members have been inquiring about the possible impact of the strike on the work we do for CBS or Fox Sports.  The IBEW does not have any collective bargaining agreements with the Golf Channel.  However, we do work for CBS, which is contractually obligated to the PGA to provide early round coverage, wherever it airs.
     It has been and will remain one of our core tenets not to perform struck work.  Section 1.07(b) of our agreement with CBS specifically provides that CBS will not “use the services of any Technician for the purpose of assisting any company in breaking any strike or effectuating any lockout.”    If CBS is doing work for the PGA, as it has done in past years, that work is not considered struck work and will remain a work assignment from CBS.
     However, if the Golf Channel asks a member to come work for it directly, that would be performing struck work.  Section 1.07(b) also provides: “No Technician shall be penalized by the Employer for refusing to cross a picket line which is lawfully established as a result of a strike by members of the AFL-CIO” but does not obligate CBS to pay any Technician who refuses to cross a picket line.  It is an individual decision whether to cross a lawful picket line. 
     I hope this clarifies some of the questions that have been raised by members.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Hall.

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Following nominations at the May membership meeting, there were no contested positions for the officers of the Local. All members who were nominated were reviewed by Election Judge Oswaldo Rangel and those found to be in good standing were notified. The Recording Secretary cast a “white ballot.” Sending out ballots to the membership is an unnecessary step under these circumstances, per the International’s Sixth District office.

Congratulations to the following members on being elected:

Business Manager and Financial Secretary - John Rizzo

President - Glenn Hannigan

Vice President - Terry Bates

Recording Secretary - Steve Eisen

Treasurer - Robert Kaiser

Executive Board / Examining Board - Michael Cox, Juan Guerra, Charles Hayes, Kimberly Nicole, Kenneth Pierce, Andrew Sarkady, Terry Schilling

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