Effective January 1st, 2019 the International has added a $1/month Per Capita increase on A members only in accordance with the IBEW Constitution. This money does not go to the Local and is not a dues increase.

In an effort to to streamline member access an interaction with the Local, we have developed "Online Dues Payment" through our bank.
We have saved thousands of dollars in labor costs since its implementation by recouping dozens of card processing hours per month.

If you have any questions, please contact us:


Thank you,

John Rizzo,  Business Manager

Effective January 2014, we are now accepting PayPal as a way to pay your union dues. We have tested the system and it works 100% accurately. We encourage your feedback and look forward to another way to serve our membership.


Thank you for accessing our new "Pay Online" union dues feature. With this new capability, we will be able to streamline our costs and the staff time it takes to process your dues payments. We have integrated many features and security layers to protect vital information.


A cost of 3% must be added to your payment to facilitate bank fees. That amount is automatically calculated for you. We will soon be eliminating "over the phone" transactions and be solely relying on this method to pay your union dues. But if you still want to mail them in, you can.