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Let talk about your job. We have heard about fewer hours per month, lower pay, and goof ups with communications. Some people get gifts and others wonder why they didn't. Where are my W2's? At what point does an employee just want to know where they stand? What can I expect? If I work hard, what is the next level for me?

These are all things that a Union would address. Was your personal service agreement a bit confusing? Are you getting what everyone else is getting or are you paid less?  A Union bargains a contract for all that you use as a baseline. You won't get less, but can always shoot for more. Wages are a top priority because you are worth it. Unions bargain for health benefits and 401K contributions or pensions.

Flexibility in scheduling is high on your priority list, then it's high on the Union's priority list and we'd bargain for the scheduling you would need. Management likes to confuse employees by telling them that the Union won't let the workers have flexible schedules. IBEW 1220 has one of the largest freelance populations in the country. We know scheduling and how to work with it so the members all benefit.

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Welcome VITAC captioners. Stenographers, voice writers, and voice transcriptionists. It's time to stand up and protect your future. In order to protect current and future generations of captioners, a small group of professionals have come together to discuss how the industry’s skill and rare talent is being exploited and devalued causing wages to plummet, leading to the demise of an entire workforce of highly skilled captioners, with the end result having a catastrophic impact on an already underserved deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Captioning firms have anticipated the exceptional advancements of VRS and developed subpar education and training courses in an effort to replace highly skilled captioners of all methods with a new workforce that has no background in captioning and a profound lack of understanding of the service we provide to the D/HoH community. Furthermore, without any regulations by the FCC, and if left unchecked by us, you can most definitely expect for the human aspect to one day be phased out altogether. This has been the ownership’s goal for years.

We have fought this battle before. Combining the decade-old declining work environment with the VRS issue, we have reached a tipping point. It’s time to stand with our fellow captioners for the change required to protect and preserve our beloved profession that requires a skill that only a limited number of people on the planet can do.

 “Unions are a major inconvenience to those who wish to exploit and steal from the working class.” - Emily Blunt

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IBEW Local Union 1220

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